About 5e

5 Elements, the Name!

As the name suggests, most of the ancient culture defines and modern science agrees that everything in existence is made out of five distinct root particles. The root of all the creation, innovation and human body that takes us to these quintessential elements, as homage to this ancient theory. We credit all our innovation and creation we have done and intend to do; to these forces that has created all the possibilities.

The Thought!

In a world flourished with hundreds of innovative brands, India has lacked to deliver a single smart gadget story. We drive to fill that space by delivering innovative designs, ideas and smart products which are commercially sellable on the World map. We thrive to create Indian products that will take the convenience technology a notch higher. Now is the time to break free from the cords and charge your device without wires from the remotest location on the planet. Our current solution is exactly that. It gives you the freedom from the wires. Listening to sheer clear music and conversations now made simple, convenient and radiation free without wires.

The Team!

Our team is blend of Youth with varied Experiences. To make an innovation, a fresh mind is necessary and to commercialize that framed idea experience is required. Thereby, we collectively are students and professionals with all the necessary elements to make 5 Elements work.